10 most disliked players in the NBA

While it seems last season’s NBA playoffs just ended not too long ago,  the NBA Regular Season set to start next week (Oct. 29) pitting the two-time reigning NBA champions the Miami Heat against the Chicago Bulls. All the Heat haters will start making themselves heard once again because we all know that everyone loves to hate the most winningest teams. But what about the most hated players? Not surprisingly, the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” all made the list of the top 10 most hated players in the NBA. Also, apparently if you’ve ever married a Kardashian you’re also likely to make the cut. Here’s a look at the full list (via Forbes)

big three

1. Kris Humphries – 50% dislike

2. LeBron James – 48% dislike

3. Kobe Bryant – 45% dislike

4. Tony Parker – 37% dislike

5. Ron Artest – 36% dislike

6. Chris Bosh – 34% dislike

7. Carmelo Anthony – 27% dislike

8. Paul Pierce – 25% dislike

9. Dwyane Wade – 23% dislike

10. Lamar Odom – 21% dislike


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