10 NFL teams with the most expensive tickets

Winning football teams attract more people to the stadiums, which consequently drive up the ticket prices. And while the team may not be faring so well this season, teams with a recent history of success are proven to have the most expensive secondary-market ticket prices. Here are the top 10 most expensive average ticket prices (via SeatGeek):

1. New York Giants – $292.36

The team with the most expensive secondary-market tickets may come as a surprise to someone just tuning into football, as this very team started the season 0-6, finally picking up their first win this past Monday night against the Vikings. However the Giants have won two Super Bowls in the past six years under Eli Manning which speaks for itself.

2. Chicago Bears – $282.16

The Bears stadium, Soldier Field, underwent extensive renovations in 2003 and has regularly sold out since.

3. New England Patriots – $277.96

Under one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL in Tom Brady and one of the most respected coaches in the league in Bill Bellichick, New England has had consistent success. The Patriots have made 5 trips to the Super Bowl since 2001.

4.  Green Bay Packers – $245.40

The Packers have had four straight seasons of 10 plus wins, including a Super Bowl win in 2011. Need I say more?

5. Denver Broncos – $237.26

Though the Broncos have been one of the most popular teams in recent history, a Peyton Manning-led Denver has taken the NFL by storm. In just his second season with the team, Manning set a record 7 touchdowns in the first game alone at Mile High.

6. New Orleans Saints – $225.30

Drew Brees and company are one of the most popular teams in the NFL with a recent 2010 Super Bowl title under their belt. And with head coach Sean Payton back this season, they’re expected to do big things.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers – $221.06

One of the most successful teams of the 2000s, the Steelers have appeared in 3 Super Bowls, winning two.  Though the Steelers haven’t seen a playoff game in two seasons, the team has managed a record of over .500 since 2003.

8. Seattle Seahawks – $220.64

The Seahawks have had a quiet history, until they landed the map in 2004 clinching their first NFC West title. The very next season, Matt Hasselbeck led the team to their only Super Bowl appearance in 2005. And by 2007, the team had earned four consecutive NFC West titles. Last season, after failing to make the playoffs in 2011, the Seahawks started quarterback Russel Wilson who led them to an impressive 11-5 season. After receiving all the hype from last season, it is no wonder that this team has made the list. This season they are considered to be Super Bowl favorites, and have started off the season 6-1.

9. Baltimore Ravens – $220.30

It comes as no surprise that the defending Super Bowl Champions are among the most expensive secondary-market tickets.  While last season’s was their sole Super Bowl appearance in the last 10 years, the Ravens have earned a wildcard berth and made a playoff run 7 times in those 10 years.

10. Dallas Cowboys – $209.20

Unlike most of the top 9 teams listed, the Dallas Cowboys have had a recent history of mediocrity, with a relatively poor record the past few seasons. The team has only made it to the playoffs four times in the past 13 years, most of which were disappointing first-round exits. But, they have one of the most dedicated fan bases in the league.


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