Life as a Journalism Student at UF

The CMIR, or Center for Media Innovation and Research, and the Innovation News Center are part of a newly established hub at the University of Florida that focuses on the use of advanced digital technology to train and assist students in creating content for media across different platforms. 



As the traditional industry shifts to a digital industry more and more everyday, the CMIR and INC is an effort to help transition students into the future of journalism and communications through all media. It allows students to tell stories as journalists in broadcast and written form on various platforms from online web content to podcasts and mobile media. 

As a student, all of the newest technology, programs, and equipment available for our use has really helped to teach us in a way no textbook could. I have been able to get hands-on experience in a real-life operating newsroom that plays host to television, radio, and web news. I have had the opportunity to utilize the CMIR and INC to be able to produce content that is published on all media platforms. It has helped me to learn how to use the newest news and editing programs to develop stories. I have gained valuable experience and skills that I will use in everyday life in my future career. Starting with radio, I could never have imagined I would work my way up to now be producing day-turn television news stories to be aired on the 5 o’clock show. The student-run news show, WUFT-TV’s First at Five, has allowed me to air my stories on cable television, a luxury that most students do not get to have. 





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